"Ever After"

1. Lovely
2. No turning back featuring Justin
3. Letter from the moon
4. Without a trace
5. Up and down
6. Beyond the sea
7. Lie to me cameo by Evan
8. In my fantasy
9. Like no other
10. Middle of nowhere
11. Such a girl duet with Christine Thuy Huong
12. May lang thang duet with Kieu Nga
13. Thuong anh featuring Spencer
14. Joe le taxi
15. Too little too late
16. Tinh thu cua linh
17. Ever after
18. Trish medley featuring Chosen; Paper lantern night, Big big world, Daydream, Without a trace , Don’t know why, I’ll dream of you
19. Trish’s crib
20. Not my day
21. Bloopers and outtakes

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Trish MTV DVD "Ever After"

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