music and words by Trish

You called me whenever you wanted,
the hours turned into days
You thought that I would always be there.
You thought that I would just wait.
At first I thought I could be happy
to always be second place.
But now I know I could do better than you.
You weren’t even great.
And now you’re out of sight, and soon you’re out of mind.

Too little and too late, for you to change your ways
My love has gone away, I’m in a different place
Too little and too late there’s so much I can take
You’ve got yourself to blame. Too bad it’s such a shame.

My friends were right from the beginning
that you weren’t worth all the pain.
And now I see it very clearly, you’re selfish childish games.
Cause soon I will forget, it’s then that you’ll regret.

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