words by Trish

One day it happened so fast just like that.
Didn’t know just what took a hold of me.
Somehow we seemed to connect even though we just met
and I knew it’s meant to be.
When you speak your voice takes control of me.
I get weak. I can’t sleep into deep.
Why did you decide to come in my life,
then you leave me all alone.

Cause now there’s no turning back.
I know we can’t change the past.
I’ve fallen deep into your trap now and I can’t let go.
I thought that you were the one. It’s done and all in a flash.
I gave you everything I had now there’s no turning back.

My mind can’t seem to erase or explain what took place. You’re still such a mystery.
And all I do is just wait even though it’s too late.
Please fade from my memory.

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